About Us

Spice Of India offers the best Indian fine dining with restaurants located in the heart of the city. Epitomizing the metropolitan lifestyle of KL-its, the restaurant caters not only to those seeking in delectable Indian cuisine but also to the needs of the corporate crowd seeking a stylish, contemporary Indian restaurant to wine, dine and entertain in.

The lavish menu encompasses both authentic Northern and Southern Indian cuisine specially prepared by our experience chefs.

Spicy minced lamb rolls 'Sheekh Kebab', mild chicken 'Malai Kebab', authentic 'Chicken Tandoori/Tikka' or 'Jhingga Tandoori' are some of the specialities of Tandoori breads such as 'Kulcha Do Pyaza', 'Phudina Paratha' or the handkerchief thin 'Roomali Roti'.

The ambience at Spice Of India is a luxurious one. As you walk into the restaurant, you will be greeted by a brightly-lit, welcoming space accentuated with large mirrors, fine timber furnishing, lush silk drapes and touches of Indian accents throughout.

Outlets are open daily from 11.30am to 10.30pm.

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